Doctor Patient / Counter phone

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    • Application: Suitable for


      bank,  station, airport service window

  • Color: Silver

  • Working Voltage: 110-240V

  • Maximum Working Current: 1A

  • Main and Auxiliary Speakers: 3W

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  • Automatic two-way intercommunication without pressing any buttons, with anti-interference and noise-free functions. Can also support two-way audio recording output.

  • Adopts two-way voice intercom communications technology, can automatically identify and process speech signals, not any operation required during a call.

  • Dedicated anti-side tone processing chip with auto-mute function, can improve the voice efficiently.
    Application of fully automated call control. The integrated design of microphone of external machine and speakers, can achieve the direct connection to the host, easy and simple to install.

  • Inside and outside the two-way voice signal output(recording by the bank teller), and a stereo jack output mode, can prevent voice recording function controlled by the power switch and the function buttons.

  • The auxiliary machine can be hung on the wall or pasted on the glass by the double-sided adhesive delivered.
    Two-channel adjustment with channel dynamic indicator, is more convenient to use.

  • The internal volume knob and the external sound knob can adjust the internal and external volume respectively. The green IN indicator above the regulator indicates the speaking of host during the intercom, and the OUT indicates the speaking of slave.